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Altus Escrow is a premier independent escrow company, licensed to serve clients throughout the state of California

About Us

Whether you’re a buyer or seller realizing your dream of homeownership, a commercial real estate investor or a business owner looking to enter or exit the market, we know you’re seeking the same thing: peace of mind during one of the most important transactions you’ll ever make. Our team of highly experienced escrow officers is dedicated to ensuring every step of the process runs smoothly.


What is Escrow?

For many people, the term “escrow” is daunting and mysterious, but it needn’t be. In its simplest form, escrow is when a neutral third party holds money or something of value until specific conditions are met during a transaction.


Tools to Help You:

Questions about escrow, real estate or business transactions? We’re here to help! You are welcome to contact us or browse our resource library for information and helpful tools.

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